ODD YEARS (Guelph, ON)

ODD YEARS (Guelph, ON)

Koop Tent Stage, 2:15 p.m.


Friends and bandmates since they were kids, the members of Guelph’s Odd Years have an obvious chemistry and an instinct for swaggering, richly harmonic, power-pop ditties that ripple with feel.

Their years playing together has allowed them to hone their sound into something like their classic rock heroes: music that is classic yet inventive, familiar yet strange, accessible yet challenging. Their unique brand of hook-filled indie rock is bursting with pulsing melodies, cascading synths, and driving rhythms.

Comprised of members from Cuff The Duke, Minotaurs, and Lowlands, Odd Years have had the pleasure of supporting acts such as Cuff, Hilotrons, Wax Atlantic, and Said The Whale, while previously performing at Elora’s Riverfest, Hillside, and River & Sky Festival. While touring their first record “Drawing Lines” the album debut at #2 on CBC Radio 3 top 30, and are now set to launch this new record with another national tour.

Impose Magazine (USA): “A quick beginning, and a hip sway-inducing beat, Odd Years falls a bit into the 50’s with this glamorous vintage rock song.”

CBC Music: “They’re surging right out of the gate with the polish that you can hear here.”