We’ve got a plethora of food and drink options to choose from on site at Bissell Park … all local, delicious and totally thirst quenching.



Food Vendors

Arriving on site and wondering where all the food is? It’s on the far east of Bissell Park, behind the Main Stage and the large tree line. Just wander down the boardwalk and the delicious smell will hit you! 

There is food for all types of appetites and dietary requirements. Here is our full list of 2017 food vendors.

Alcoholic Drinks

RiverfestFriday_CeliaMoase-91You don’t have to go thirsty! We’ll have loads of great alcoholic drink options on hand over the weekend to quench your thirst.

To get a drink, you’ll need to purchase a token. One token = $6 = one drink (beer, wine or cider!)

All of our alcoholic drinks are served in our signature Riverfest mugs. Make sure you bring your mugs from past Riverfests! If not, mugs will be available for purchase on site for $6. 

Here’s who we will be serving up:

Thinking of having a drink at Riverfest? Here is what you need.

  • A Riverfest or similar festival mug
    This is a part of our alcohol control at the festival. As we mentioned above, you can purchase a mug at our alcohol tokens tent for $6. If you are wishing to drink alcohol it must be out of one of these mugs. They look like this:

  • Alcohol tokens
    One token gets you one drink. You will need to have tokens to exchange for drinks at the bar. Tokens will be available for purchase at the festival for $6. And good news, tokens from previous years are still valid.
  • 19+ wristband
    Please see security at the festival before lining up for a drink to get a wristband. You will need to have valid ID to get a wristband.

Free Water

In an effort to keep the festival ‘green’, there will be free water stations from by the wonderful Wellington Water Watchers, who will be providing potable water free of charge. You can fill a reusable bottle brought from home, or you can purchase a Riverfest reusable mug for $6.

A friendly reminder that Riverfest Elora is a bottled water free and waste conscious event.